Where the Tooth Fairy Lives

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Where does the Tooth Fairy live? Where does she keep all those precious treasures she accumulates each night? Since there are all kinds of Tooth Fairies with all kinds of architectural taste, I have created and eclectic group of tiny houses for such secretive little sprites.  These are for decoration only and probably too delicate for young ones to play with.  

Great for baby shower gifts or birthday gifts for those young enough to be stashing teeth under pillows at night.  

Maybe start a new tradition and hide them in a house instead!

I had a baby shower to attend with a ladybug theme, so Liz custom made a beautiful little house covered in roses..and ladybugs! I love it!

Jenny S.

I bought two houses for a friend having twins. They were the most wonderful and unique presents at the baby shower!

Kim M.

My daughter received a tooth fairy house as a gift and she absolutely loves it. She hasn't lost any teeth yet but she's proud to keep her special trinkets in it. 

Joyce A

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One of a Kind Gifts

Looking for a unique gift or something custom made for a party theme? You can request a Tooth Fairy house made just for you! Please allow at least two weeks for special orders.


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